Decorating trends for Summer 2016

We are very much a part of a Global society with influences from all over the world. This is also reflected in the trends and styles we follow here in Australia. This summer the trends are still natural timbers with neutral tones and colours in homewares and furniture, this trend is still heavily influenced by the Scandinavian Style which is still going strong. The 70’s retro look continues to be prevalent in fashion as well as homewares and furniture, with bright more vivid colours such as greens, blues and oranges but also more subtle tones of pink, mint and coral. Also evident is multicultural influences from exotic places like Morocco with mosaic tiles being popular and metallic gold and copper elements, especially used in lanterns and light fittings to give a dramatic look. Black and White is always in fashion but has had a resurgence as well as geometric designs. It is always best with any trend to take the best parts and add your own unique style to it. Happy Decorating.