Trends in decorating for Summer 2014 from New York

This year I was fortunate enough to go to The August Gift Fair in New York. It was an absolutely amazing with so much to look at from America and around the world. Florals were everywhere at the fair, in fashion, in cushions and tableware and homewares. There were many romantic and nostalgic colours like soft pinks, soft blues, mints and dove grey to go with the floral theme. Copper and Rose Gold still had a strong design presence but yellow Gold has certainly made a come back and with it the look of luxury and opulence that it creates. The second most obvious trend was for all things handmade, hand-woven and natural. A lot of crochet products such as decorations, cushions and toys. The jewellery had influences from Africa with a lot of beading and also Egyptian influences with the Egyptian Collar style jewellery and Statement pieces. Denim and all shades of blue from the palest to the brightest peacock blue and Navy were evident throughout the show as well as hot pink, red and oranges. Be daring and try a splash of one of the new season colours to brighten and revitalise any room. Happy decorating.